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Understand what your Medicare does and doesn’t cover

Medicare’s coverage varies from person to person. Get a free quote on insurance that can cover your gaps when you contact Linda Morrison Insurance today.


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Get info about your personal Medicare benefits

Thanks to constantly evolving laws, Medicare’s terms and benefits change yearly. A variety of factors can affect your coverage such as your tax bracket, veteran status, and whether or not you continue to work. Learn what your coverage does and doesn’t cover with the expert help of Linda Morrison Insurance. Our Medicare services include:

  • Medicare supplements
  • Medicare drug plans
  • Medicare Advantage plan

Important dates to remember for the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan

  • October: The new premium and benefits information is released for the upcoming year in early October.
  • October 15: Put in your application for the Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug plans when the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP) begins.
  • December 7: This is the last day to put in an application and have it accepted for the upcoming year.
  • January 1: Both the Advantage and the Part D Prescription Drug plans become effective for the new year.
  • January 1 to February 14: If the coverage is too much for your needs, you have roughly a month and a half to drop them and return to an Original Medicare plan during the Annual Disenrollment Period (ADP). You may also be able to add a prescription drug plan at this time if it is originally a part of the Advantage plan.

Want to fill in the gaps of your Medicare coverage? Call Linda Morrison Insurance now to find out how you can.


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